**The Classroom Exit Strategy Planner Special

Imagine having your entire classroom strategy planned out, your resignation letter written, and a new career lined up and ready to go!

You know it's possible because you've seen other teachers leave the classroom and make the successful transition into other jobs.

But here's the reality...

  1. You're afraid of leaving the "security" of your teaching job.
  2. You don't have a clue what other type of job you could do.
  3. You fear what others will think if you quit.

I know what you're thinking...

"If I can just get through a few more months, then I will have a break and I can think about this more clearly."

But the truth is, without knowing the right questions to ask and what things to consider, you will never take that scary first step and actually leave the classroom.

So that's why I created the Classroom Exit Strategies Printable Planner!!

With over 25 pages of helpful information including...

  • 🌟  Budget sheets with explanations
  • 🌟  Career options outside of the classroom
  • 🌟  Mindset reset pages
  • 🌟  Example resignation letters
  • 🌟  Roadmaps for the 2 type of career paths
  • 🌟  Goal-setting sheets
  • 🌟  Countdown to your last day pages
  • 🌟  Links to additional helpful content outside of the planner

And over 150 pages of...

  • 🌟  Monthly calendar page layouts
  • 🌟  Weekly calendar page layouts 
  • 🌟  Day at a glance page layouts

Gain immediate access to all of the content in the Classroom Exit Strategies Planner as well as all updates for LIFE for just ONE SINGLE PAYMENT OF $27!

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a PDF Download...nothing will be mailed to you!!

There is a strategic formula to exiting the classroom!

And it looks like this...

Knowledge creates understanding.
Understanding builds confidence.
Confidence leads to a decision. 

Knowledge and understanding are the foundational pieces to gaining the confidence you need to follow a new career path outside of the classroom.

Are you ready to make the right decision?

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