Resume Refresh

Imagine having an updated resume that showcased all of your unique abilities ready to send off to your ideal employer at a moment's notice!

As a teacher who's ready to exit, you need an updated resume that can get you an interview with any company you want so you can leave the classroom with confidence knowing you have another job already lined up.

But here's the reality...

👉   You don't know how to translate your teaching experience into marketable skills employers are seeking.
👉   You don't have a clue where to begin finding potential jobs.
👉   You don't have time to figure out how to create an updated resume.

The truth is that without a strategic framework & a guide who's been there to help you avoid the pitfalls of resume writing, you're risking a lot while hoping for the best.

But the good news don't have to do this alone!  Resume Refresh is your solution!


Resume Refresh is a comprehensive (& uniquely individualized) overhaul of your current resume resulting in an eye-catching resume that secures the interview with your dream employer.

▫️ It’s more than a checklist of things you need to do…
▫️ It’s more than a mindset shift…
▫️ It’s more than a fast track program…

It’s a way for me to teach you one-on-one the essential strategies & shortcuts you need to update the content in your resume for EVERY new job to which you apply!


✨ Onboarding "homework" prior to our meeting
✨ 30 minute call via Zoom to discuss your resume + tips to tailor your resume for each new job to which you apply
✨ Your completely updated resume (& working template)
Exclusive access to my Resume Refresh Framework

There is a strategic formula to making your resume stand out so you get the interview!

And it looks like this...

Knowledge creates understanding.
Understanding builds confidence.
Confidence leads to landing your dream job. 

So, are you ready to make your dream of leaving the classroom a reality?

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