Private Coaching

Imagine knowing exactly what you needed to do to leave the classroom on your terms with maximum benefits and a new career waiting on you!

As a teacher who's ready to exit, you need to have a thoughtful timeline outlined & ready to execute and a plan for how you will replace your teaching salary.

But here's the reality...

👉   You're scared to walk away from the "security" of your teaching job.
👉   You don't know what else you could do or where you could earn equal to your teaching salary.
👉   You don't have a clue where to being on the career switch.

The truth is that without a strategic framework & a guide who's been there to help you avoid the potentially devastating pitfalls, you're risking a lot while hoping for the best.

But the good news don't have to do this alone!  Private coaching is your solution!


Private coaching is a comprehensive (& uniquely individualized) program designed to give you the tools & resources you need to make a thoughtful exit from the classroom & entrance into a fulfilling career outside the classroom

▫️ It’s more than an accountability partner…
▫️ It’s more than a checklist of things to do…
▫️ It’s more than a mindset shift…
▫️ It’s more than a fast track program…

It’s a way for me to teach you one-on-one the essential strategies & shortcuts you need to be successful as you leave the classroom and as you embark on your new career path outside the classroom!


✨ Onboarding questionnaire prior to your first meeting
✨ 30 minute discovery call via Zoom where we pinpoint exactly where we need to start
✨ 12 weeks of focused strategy sessions with Jennifer
✨ 60 minute video conference calls each week via Zoom to discuss your timeline, progress, & next steps
Access to your own private Google doc that includes notes, action steps, & resources from each session
Exclusive access to my Classroom Exit Strategy Framework


▫️ How long are coaching sessions?
12 coaching sessions x 60 minutes each week for 3 months.

▫️ How many sessions before I see results?
Results are based on the specific goals of each client & directly related to the amount of effort you apply, but you’ll leave our 1st session with action steps you can implement immediately.

▫️ What if I have to cancel a session?
As long as you give me 24 hours notice, we can reschedule our meeting.

▫️ What if I have a question between our sessions?
You’ll have direct access to me via email & text for additional support as needed in between our sessions.

▫️ Are your coaching services always available?
I have a limited number of spots available for coaching clients as my goal is to always deliver the highest possible level of service. Once the slots are full, I stop enrolling new clients.

There is a strategic formula to making your classroom exit & new career path a smooth transition!

And it looks like this...

Knowledge creates understanding.
Understanding builds confidence.
Confidence leads to direction. 

So, are you ready to make your dream of leaving the classroom a reality?

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