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Setting Up Shop Master Course

Imagine a world where you could quit teaching, stay at home with your kids, and finally take that dream trip to Disney World...all while making money from home.

You know you could be making money with a Teachers Pay Teachers shop because you've seen others do it and you have TONS of creative resource ideas. 

But here's the reality...

  1. You're afraid that nothing you create would ever be worthy of selling to others.
  2. You've never used a design program to create worksheets and resources.
  3. You are completely overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.
  4. You don't know how to stand out in a sea of thousands of other teacher-created resources.

I know what you're thinking...

"Once I learn about starting a business, designing worksheets and interactive resources, and selling online...THEN I will have the confidence I need to open my Teacher Pay Teachers shop and start making the extra money I need!"

The truth is that without an experienced TpT shop owner and resource creator guiding you through the process, you will never take that scary first step and actually open a successful Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

👉  Many people have tried, but inevitably have given up because the learning curve was just too steep.

👉  They couldn’t find the time to learn all of the things they needed to know.  Every time they learned one thing, there were three more things they had to learn. And without extra time to spend researching and learning, they became frustrated and defeated.

👉  Then, without ever making a dime they abandoned their dreams and settled for watching other people live out theirs.

But, that doesn’t have to be you!

The solution is Setting Up Shop: From TpT Newbie to Shop-Owning Guru!

Included with the Setting Up Shop Suite of Resources:

💡  6 Content-Packed Learning Modules: containing over 35 individual lessons that walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do to become a competent PowerPoint user, TpT product creator, and custom shop designer.

💡  Video Tutorials: strategic step-by-step videos designed to help you understand more complex content and teach you essential skills.

💡  Setting Up Shop Workbook: packed with over 25 pages of cheatsheets, shortcuts, planning sheets, and more, this workbook will be your ULTIMATE guide (and the perfect companion) throughout the course. 

Gain immediate access to all of the content within The Setting Up Shop suite of resources as well as all updates for LIFE and 3 AMAZING BONUSES for just ONE SINGLE PAYMENT OF $97!

There is a strategic formula to making money with your TpT shop!

And it looks like this...

Knowledge creates understanding.
Understanding builds confidence.
Confidence leads to more sales. 

Knowledge and understanding are the foundational pieces to creating products people want and to designing an eye-catching shop that stands out from the crowd and ultimately makes you money.

Here are the 3 Exclusive Bonuses You'll Receive:

🌟  Setting Up Shop Private Facebook Group: Designed with you in mind and only for Setting Up Shop students, this community is the place you can post questions that arise during your course of study and receive a wealth of knowledge directly from me!

🌟  175 TpT Product Ideas Guide: This handy guide features 175 unique topics and ideas to help you brainstorm your first products. You'll find yourself referring back to this gem over and over as you continue to create top-selling resources throughout your TpT journey!

🌟  Customizing Your Shop Bonus Module: Four additional lessons with 6 new videos to teach you how to customize your shop! Learn how to showcase featured items, create custom categories, upload your own customized banners, & more to turn potential buyers into customers!

All of this for only $97!

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