Imagine having consistent VIPKid bookings with your favorite students month after month that always result in 5 apple feedback!

As a VIPKid teacher, you need to know how to create an engaging learning environment, challenge your students, and design a sustainable schedule that meets all of your financial needs.

But here's the reality...

👉   You're not familiar with the the VIPKid platform.
👉   You don't know how to stand out in a sea of thousands of other teachers.
👉   You're not sure what to do when something goes wrong in your online classroom.
👉   You can't keep up with all of the curriculum updates and platform changes.

I know what you're thinking...

"Once I understand how to create an engaging classroom for my students, write meaningful feedback, and troubleshoot any issues...THEN I will finally have the confidence I need to open those back-to-back and short-notice VIPKid classes that are going to boost my income!"

The truth is that without a proven blueprint and an experienced VIPKid teacher as your guide, you're just spinning your wheels and hoping for the best.

The good news is that you don't have to learn any of this on your own!

The Foundations Master Course is your solution!

Included with The Foundations Suite of Resources:

💡  5 Content-Packed Learning Modules: containing over 30 lessons that include how to organize & design your space, how to create your schedule & get bookings, how to navigate the VIPKid app, how to troubleshoot classroom problems, and how to write feedback that has parents choosing you as their child's teacher again and again.

💡  Video Tutorials: strategic step-by-step video lessons designed to help you understand more complex content and teach you essential skills.

💡  The Foundations Workbook: with over 20 pages, this workbook will be your ultimate guide and the perfect companion throughout the course with cheatsheets, planning sheets, teaching tips, and more.

Gain immediate access to all of the content within The Foundations suite of resources as well as all updates for LIFE and 3 AMAZING BONUSES for just ONE SINGLE PAYMENT OF $297 or 3 PAYMENTS of $99!

There is a strategic formula to making money fast with VIPKid!

And it looks like this...

Knowledge creates understanding.
Understanding builds confidence.
Confidence leads to more bookings. 

Knowledge and understanding are the foundational pieces to getting more bookings and ultimately making more money.

Here are the 3 Exclusive Bonuses You'll Receive:

🌟  The Foundations Private Facebook Group: Only for Foundations' Students, this community will provide you with a place to ask other VIPKid teachers questions and receive a wealth of knowledge directly from me!

🌟  Feedback Spreadsheets: This HUGE group of spreadsheets contains hundreds of feedback templates (with verbiage for both boys & girls) for Levels 1-6 as well as some supplemental classes.

🌟  2 Bonus Modules: Two extra bonus modules full of content covering the foundational information new teachers need to know broken down into bite-sized video lessons and my BEST online teaching tips from teaching difficult sounds to interacting with a screen.

All of this for only $297!

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